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Barry’s Boxing Center

About Barry’s Boxing Center


Barry’s Boxing Center is a non-profit organization, developed to encourage, not discourage, young men and women in their pursuit of excellence in the sport of boxing both in and out of the ring.

In affiliation and coordination with USA Boxing, we persist and insist on promoting safety in boxing.

Our motto is “We teach the science, not the violence!” Although a catchy cliché, we believe it to be the true essence of quality boxing. Our sport is not tabbed the “Manly art of self defense” and the “sweet science” because of a barbaric or destructive nature, but rather because it is recognized as a solution to the violence of fighting.

True understanding of boxing is to appreciate it for the skill level of one’s ability to hit and not be hit, combined in a time frame (rounds) which test for endurance and conditioning, rewarding the victor and satisfying the competitive spirit with in us all.

You may only gain and maintain the necessary physical conditioning needed in boxing through hard work, dedication, motivation and inspiration. You may only fine tune these admirable qualities through consistency and persistency. You may only acquire these attributes through a disciplined lifestyle.