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Why I go to the gym
I go to the gym to work out and stuff. Usually, I would hit the heavy bag. Also, I would hit the upper cut bag. Sometimes I would also jump rope.

This is also why I go to the gym. I like the sparring and the drills. The ply metrics and the shields are great. Also, the sparring is great. This is why I go to the gym.

Marvin (Age 9)

What I like about the Boxing Gym:
I like coming to Barry’s Boxing Gym because I have fun here. I enjoy it. I can feel all the energy around me, and it’s a very good feeling. I also like everyone here, even though I might not know all of you, you’re still a yes in my book. Everyone here makes me feel comfortable. Sometimes I don’t feel like coming to work out, but I come anyway just to see everybody. I like everything about the gym, even the smell.


I want to thank Mr. Augustine, Mr. Alex, Mr. Teddy Sir, Mrs. Dawn, Mr. Pat, and Mrs. Christine because you guys don’t have to be doing this for us but you are, so I appreciate it. I love every single one of you. Thank you!

—Stephanie (Age 16)

What I like about boxing….

I like the workout. I like sparring. I like hitting the bag. I like trying to do my best in boxing. I like the drills. It is a good way to exercise. I like doing the shield so I know what I can handle. I like working hard in the drills.


The Gym

There are a lot of reasons I like the gym. The conditioning is all right. I don’t like the five minutes of running. I like the trainers Augie, Alex, and Teddy. The gym has really good equipment. Barry’s Boxing is one of the best gyms in Las Vegas. I see a lot of great fighters. Kevin Kelly, Vassily Jirov, Jeff Lacy. I even saw Hasin Rauman, and one of my favorite fighters, Diego Corrales. I like the owners of the gym Dawn and Pat Barry. Barry’s Boxing has made a lot of champions. I hope they can make a champion out of me.