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What is boxing?

Boxing is a solution to the violence of fighting.

What age may I start boxing?

In order to be a USA amateur boxer you must be at least 8 years old.

What is the oldest I may be and still register as an amateur boxer?

You may be an amateur boxer through the age of 34; after 34 if you meet certain USA boxing rules you may be an amateur boxer in the Masters Division, which is for people age 35 and older.

How much does it cost to start boxing?

Monthly Dues starts at $50 depending on age.  Plus, there an annual registration fee of $25.  Everyone is required to have a pair of hand wraps which you can buy from us if you choose for $10.00. You will also need boxing or wrestling shoes within the first month because we do not allow regular street shoes on our ring canvases, and a mouthpiece by the time coaches say you are ready to begin sparring.

What do my annual and monthly fees cover?

Your annual membership with USA boxing provides you with secondary insurance should you get hurt. Your monthly dues allow you full use of the boxing facility and weight area, instruction by our registered and certified coaches, group classes, and the use of all our equipment.

What equipment do I need?

None; use of all our boxing equipment is included with your gym dues unless you choose to buy your own. The only things you must have are your own hand wraps, boxing shoes, and mouthpiece.

What documents are necessary to register with USA boxing?

You need $65.00, 2 head shot pictures (Passport size), photo copy of your birth certificate or baptismal certificate, a completed application (we have them at Barry’s Boxing or you can download one from USA Boxing’s website.)

What is necessary to register and volunteer as a boxing official?

You need $90.00, 1 head shot picture (Passport size), a completed application (we have them at Barry’s Boxing or you can download one from USA Boxing’s website.)

If I was not born in the United States or am not a U.S. citizen may I still compete?

Yes, in local boxing shows across the country, but not in progressive / advancing tournaments.

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